No Supporters, No Author

An author cannot exist in a vacuum. (That's the 41st law of Shakespeare.)

Storytellers like me need the support of readers like you. You can support me in any one or as many as you want of the following ways:

  1. Read my books. (Every reader is yet another reason to keep writing.)
  2. Write to me and tell me what you thought of my book. (Reader feedback is highly motivating.)
  3. Write a review of my book on your blog. (Help other readers find me.)
  4. Buy my books. (Money money money!)
  5. Leave a review for my book on Amazon. (Helps me do better in that ruthless marketplace.)
  6. Tell others about my books. (Word of mouth is best marketing.)
  7. Share my books with others. (The joy of gift giving!)

Whatever way you might choose to support me, I thank you in advance. Without you I'd be nothing and you have my sincerest gratitude. Seriously sir/ma'am, you are awesome!