You have an idea for a great book but you don't have the time to write it yourself. Or you have written the first draft but it sounds like an academic paper and not like a book. Or maybe you have been procrastinating about writing that book by collecting a huge amount of research material.

Whatever be the reason, if you need someone to write your book for you, you are looking for a ghostwriter. Like me. Don't worry, I'm not actually a ghost of a writer. Not yet, anyways.

My 6 years of experience as a ghostwriter has helped me create a system that allows me to understand every client's requirements and create a book that is exactly what the client had in mind.

eBook Ghostwriting Project

Average percentage of type of work required

I begin by researching the topic so that I have at least a basic understanding of it. Then I create a synopsis that details a chapter by chapter plan for the book. Next step is writing the first draft followed by one round of editing and rewriting to make it better. The final draft is ready once I do one session of proofreading to deliver a professional quality ebook.

At every point, I communicate with the client to get their feedback so that we always stay on course. This helps in delivering exactly what the client wants, as they can suggest changes after each step.

To get a quote for ghostwriting your book, get in touch with me using the contact form here.

Editing & Proofreading

If you've already written a first draft of your book and you want to refine it, then you should consider my editing and proofreading services. Choose what type of editing your book needs:

  • Developmental Edit: Taking a macro level look at your book and working on structure, coherence, character, plot points etc.
  • Line Edit: A micro level look at your paragraphs and sentences and improving the language for clarity, creativity, flavor and readability.
  • Copy Edit: Combing through your manuscript for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, incorrect facts and typos.
  • Proofread: The final stage before publishing to remove any remaining errors and ensuring that the book follows a consistent style.

Clarity about what type of editing you need is important to ensure you receive the maximum ROI for your money. The rates vary for different types of editing. Use the contact form to get a quote for your book.

Article & Blog Writing

Writing eBooks and working as a freelancer has provided me with enough experience to have an informed opinion about certain topics. I can write articles for your blog on the following topics:

  • Writing
  • eBooks
  • Story Structure
  • Characterization
  • Freelancing
  • Working from Home
  • Building a Platform
  • Social Media
  • Spirituality
  • Self Improvement
  • Philosophy
  • Engineering

Book Cover Design 

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, It’s really how it works.
— Steve Jobs

A good book cover is not just some pretty pictures and fonts put together in Photoshop. It is a part of the whole package; the book. It starts telling the story even before the reader reads the first sentence.

A good cover entices the reader and sets an expectation about the wonderful journey that is in store for them. In a good cover, design elements such as color, shape, texture, form, space, balance and typography all come together to create a wholesome concept; the concept of the book.

Please go through my portfolio to see the book covers I've designed and if you would like me to design a book cover for you, use the contact form to describe your project.

Creative Writing

Apart from writing books I also write poems, songs, music, poetry to music, and other weird ramblings of all kind. If you have such a strange project in mind, tell me about it using the contact form and I'll see if I can knock something out of my noggin.