The holy man opened his eyes and uttered three profound words in a raspy voice: "What the fuck!"

High up in the Himalayan mountains, the holy man had been meditating inside a cave. Outside, thin streams of snowmelt rolled down the hillside. The sunrays reflected off of the melting snow to create a lot of glare but absolutely no heat, like an empty eggshell. The air was still freezing and once the cold sun disappeared behind the mountain, the snowmelt would freeze over the grit and mud, covering the mountain in a thin layer of slippery glass. Inside, the holy man sat in a puddle of confusion. A vivid vision of a battlefield had broken his meditation but what he saw now was just as shocking.

When he sat down to meditate, it was September. The rains had finally stopped and the stony mountain he was on looked pristine after the two month long annual bath. The first chills of winter were yet to arrive. The mountain tops looked naked after having lost most of their snow. Below him the tree line was fresh and green.

Now, clearly, as proven by the dripping icicles at the mouth of his cave, and even more so by the glare beyond the icicles, and conclusively by the melting snow behind the glare, it was spring. The snow had fallen, accumulated, ruled its white kingdom and was now retreating. From what he could guess it was now April and he had meditated straight for 8 months. This, by the way, wasn't the reason why he uttered the incredibly profound statement.

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