Writer in the Making

I am a writer in the making. I write something daily and it usually is crap but the more I write the better my crap gets. Maybe one day someone will read my crap and like it. Isn't all good writing crap in some ways? The more you try to beautify your writing the more fake it gets. Real writing is crap. Crap is real. When it's real you feel it. I'm trying to be a real writer.

I haven't lived life like some writers do. I have dreamt many lives like some other writers do. Maybe I think that if I could write something good I'll be able to live that life. Doesn't a writer live the life of his hero?

We all want to be heroes. If we can't be in real life we try to be in our dreams. A novel is a dream that the writer wrote down. He helps the readers dream dreams of their own. Every writer of dreams has dreamt by reading some other writer's dreams. Except for the first writer. Well actually except the first storyteller. I wonder who that was?

The Christians will tell you that it was Jesus. But it must have been some old hunter gatherer who survived long enough to collect stories to tell. Young people have no time to tell stories. They are too busy collecting stuff. They don't have many stories to tell anyways.

I am young too. Well relatively. But I have stories to tell. I never wanted to collect stuff so I collected dreams. And I have these dreams to share with the world. That's why I'm trying to be a writer.

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