At Least We Have Our Memories

Here's some poetry to music. Original poem, original music. If you just wanna read, the poem is below.

Can you remember the young days?

The days when we were young?


Everyday was exciting, different

Every trip an expedition

Every game mattered

No matter how silly or made up


Every night we were scared

By ghosts lurking in the shadows

But every morning we rejoiced

The ghosts were all gone


Every puddle was an ocean

Every cloud had a face

Every tree was a dear friend

And butterflies danced just for us


Every page of every book

Especially those with pictures

Was full of wonder and possibilities

And a springboard for our imagination


We could spend hours alone

Just dreaming up things

But we also wondered why

Our friends can't stay with us all the time


Everything about the young days is gone now

Nothing seems the same

We've lost our capacity to wonder

But at least we have our memories