Social Media; Anti-Social Me

Photo Credit: ssoosay Flickr via Compfight cc

Some time ago I deleted most of my social media accounts. It started with Facebook. I just hated it. I quit it and felt good about it. Then, a year later, I decided to quit other networks as well. It did not affect me as badly as I thought it would.

Since then, slowly I've been weaning myself back ON to the bandwagon. It started with getting a new phone which had a good camera and I thought, why not join Instagram and share my photos with the world? I did that and then thought, why not join Twitter again, it wasn't that bad, and I can link it with my Instagram so the photos are posted on Twitter as well. I did that as well.

But once again, I've begun to feel silly about it all. I'm not really a social person. I gathered a few followers and some of them were really nice people as well. But, that need to share things started bothering me again.

I mean it's ironical but this post itself makes my point. I quit social media and immediately felt the need to blog about it. I had to share the fact that I wasn't going to participate in the modern obsession with sharing everything all the time.

This urge to share isn't something that was always with me. I was born in the pre-internet era and I never felt the need to share every moment with the world till the early 2000's. But since the advent of Orkut and Facebook and Twitter, it's become an addiction.

Us humans have a deep rooted need to communicate, share and connect with other humans. In the real world, for introverts like me, it's hard to have that need fulfilled easily. We need to find really good friends before we can open up enough to share everything with them. And that's why the internet seems like such an easy way to get a release.

But the thing is that this need isn't that strong in me. I'm not just an introvert but I also have a schizoid personality disorder (SPD). Which basically means that I'm someone who is happiest when alone. This is the only personality type that are actually better off alone. And joining the social media world again, sort of created a conflict which was gnawing at my amygdala.

And so, hence, thereby, I've quit everything once again. I'm hoping that this will also help me write here, on the blog, more often. Which I do want to do.