My Last Advice Article Ever, Probably

Storyteller is my sixth blog.

No, this is not an accomplishment. That would be like boasting at a start up convention that this is your 6th start up but when asked about your previous 5, you say that they stopped down soon after starting up.

When I started my 4th blog, I read somewhere that you should start a blog, or a company, or a new venture, with a commitment of at least 5 years. Give it at least 5 years before you quit. I quit that blog after 2 years.

But I had a genuine reason. (That's what everyone says right?) That blog was based on a way of thinking that had suddenly become alien to me. I could have still kept blogging on the same blog but with a 180 degree turn in terms of the ideas expressed in the content. Like the owner of who started the blog to talk about environmental protection but now blogs about how the world is beyond saving and how to find a little happiness in this life before the world is destroyed by us stupid human beings.

I could have become an ironical blog as well. Nothing wrong with that but I just didn't want to do that. I guess I felt a resistance towards blogging itself. Actually it wasn't against the act of blogging but rather the specific style of blogging where you tell people what they should do.

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(Including: Don't assume you know everything.)

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(And one of the rules is to avoid double negatives!)

I don't like such posts anymore. Not that I wrote any of these particular posts. But I did do a lot of this-is-what-you-should-do advising in my blog. And I suddenly grew sick of it.

Now in this new blog, I don't think I'll do any advising. I'll share my stories, fiction and non fiction, and that's about it.

But here's one last advisory post about why you shouldn't give advice to people on your blog.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Handing Advice To People On Your Blog, Or In Life In General

  1. Who the fuck are you to advise others?
  2. Even if you know what you are talking about, who the fuck are you to advise others?
  3. There is no one way of doing things, and just because something works for you, doesn't mean it will work for everyone else. Advising people assumes knowing what is best for them. Considering there are more than 7 billion unique people on earth, and a few thousand identical ones, how can you think so much of yourself to know what's best for everyone?
  4. Nobody likes getting advice, even if it's correct.
  5. A lot of people, like me, would rather do the exact opposite than follow someone else's advice, just to avoid following someone else's advice.
  6. What's the point of giving advice when no one is going to follow it?
  7. No matter what your advice, I can say with surety that it can't always be right. There will always be situations when it will be wrong.
  8. People will blame you when they do follow your advice, no matter how halfheartedly, and something goes wrong.
  9. You don't want to be one of those pretentious self proclaimed "thought leaders" do you?
  10. And finally, all of this advice is wrong so if you do want to give advice, please go ahead and do so because who the fuck am I to tell you not to!