Little Courtesy Never Killed Anyone


Courtesy was named so because her grandmother was in love with the Victorian Romance genre of novels. She liked the way people behaved in those novels and so she tried to behave with as much courtesy as she could muster and when others behaved rudely, she told them that 'a little courtesy never killed anyone'.

Having ruined the future of the little girl, her grandmother passed away as courteously as a chicken after beheading.

Courtesy was a tiny child and did not grow up as quickly as her peers and so an adjective was added to her name and she became 'Little Courtesy'.

Due to her name, or some other unknown reasons, Little Courtesy was a seclusive child. She liked to be left alone. She didn't make any friends at school. She didn't like when her mother hugged her tightly or when her father stroked her head lightly. All she wanted to do was to stay alone.

To cure her of this disease, her parents brought home a tiny kitten from the shelter. The kitten was the 'Little Courtesy' of its own family; small and puny and abandoned to be alone forever! But despite this common ground, the two tiny creatures did not become friends.

Little Courtesy, the human, did not know what to do with the little kitten. She tried to pet her but the kitten meowed as if it was the most painful sensation in the world. When the kitten tried to lick Courtesy, she felt as if her skin was being dragged in the dirt. She didn't want anything to do with the kitten but her parents forced her to always keep it nearby.

Not knowing what else to do, Little Courtesy decided to kill the little kitten. Then she could be alone again.

She picked up the kitten and threw it down. But to her surprise, the kitten landed on its feet. Every time she tried to throw the kitten, it landed on its feet and scurried away. So she decided to set fire to the kitten.

Courtesy went into the kitchen and when no one was looking, she stole the gas lighter. She went over to the little kitten and tried to burn it. But each time she lit the flame the kitten ran away. It turned out that cats did not catch fire easily. Their hair might burn but they ran away before the rest of them could ignite.

One day Courtesy watched her parents watching a movie in which a man was hanged from his neck till he died. She decided to do the same with the kitten. She tied a string around the kitten's neck and lifted it up in the air. The little kitten meowed and thrashed its neck but it couldn't get free. Courtesy had to hold the string away from her because the kitten was trying to claw her shins off. And when she couldn't hold it up anymore, she began to twirl around and swung the kitten around in a wild circle.

What happened next? Well don't worry, as the title says, Little Courtesy never killed anyone. But she sure did torture that poor little kitten until it ran away!


Photo Credit "Little Courtesy": Firas.Ali96 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit "Little Kitten": romeosilverpersian via Compfight cc